The theatre is my sanctuary. My church.

My love for theatre began as a small child performing alongside my father, mime artist Jerry Hager.

As his sidekick, Punky the Clown, I watched him light up so many faces with smiles and soften the hearts of strangers. Through whatever I experienced later in life, the transformative power of a joyful connection between performer and audience and between members of an audience themselves stayed untouched in my soul. 

Theatre cracks me open, reveals my deepest truth. In time, it has become my sanctuary. My church. Whether on an Off-Broadway stage, a film set, or dancing before a room of strangers, it's in the exchanges between myself and the audience that pure magic happens. I no longer experience myself separate from others but experience us all as one living, breathing system. Live performance gives us all an opportunity to rediscover the complexity, beauty, and vulnerability of being human. 

My most celebrated solo show, Naked In Alaska: The True Story Of Stripping in the Last Frontier, has been performed over 60 times in three different countries reaching over 5,000 audiences members. 


I've performed in film and theatre across the country, including Warner Brothers' The Invention of Lying with Ricky Gervais, Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia, Discovery Channel's Guilty or Innocent, and the award-winning short film The Harshest Place.

My theatrical performances include Dracula at New York's Symphony Space, The Ensemble Workshop at LAByrinth Theater, Meet the Lady at 92Y, and many others.

I've had the honor of training in mime and movement under master mime artist Rick Wamer—student of Marcel Marceau—at The School for Mime at Kenyon College and Lorin Salm at Mime Theatre Studio. 

Aside from acting, performance, and playwriting, I teach SOLOfire: A Writing & Movement Workshop for Personal Transformation.

Through SOLOfire Workshops, I help others create the space and the safety to dive deep into their own history using memoir writing prompts, physical movement, and meditation. Recently, SOLOfire enjoyed capacity attendance at The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. In the last two years, SOLOfire has been awarded numerous New York City grants and has also been brought to Santa Fe, New Mexico; Connecticut; and Rhode Island. In June 2016, SOLOfire and Naked In Alaska will make their Alaskan debut at the prestigious Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska.