Really wonderful. Amazing and healing. Thank you!
— SOULfire Participant
It was a heart-breaking open kind of night.
— SOULfire Participant
A wonderful and enlightening evening!
— SOULfire Participant


A personal history Writing & Movement-Based Workshop

Stories from our own lives, when told with courage, empathy, and self-knowledge, carry the power to transform audiences, awakening individuals to their own unrealized soul desires and their longing to live more genuine, heart-centered lives. In this way, we can use the power of stories to heal ourselves and the world, one courageous story at a time.

In this experiential workshop, participants are guided in exploring their own personal history through creative writing prompts, on-your-feet improvised writing exercises, creative movement, visualization, and meditation.

Each participant is provided opportunities to share their own stories, life themes, and aspirations through partner and group work, and further recognize and unleash the deeper stories they truly long to tell.

Throughout the workshop, participants learn ways to apply elements of story structure to their work and practice communication skills that enhance vulnerability and safety.

Students leave the workshop with the beginnings of one or more personal history stories that they can further develop into writing or performance pieces.

Never do we or our experiences need to be shut away in the darkness within. SOULfire is a powerful tool to help every individual stand more boldly in the whole of who they truly are.
— Valerie Hager


SOULfire has been awarded numerous New York City grants and has been brought to Santa Fe, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Most recently we were invited to teach a workshop as part of The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. In June 2016 SOLOfire will be a featured workshop at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska.

The participants were blown-over and enchanted by Ms. Hager’s warmth, patience, and vivaciousness. All of the participants requested that we have her back, and all of them went away from the experience with enriched lives, broadened horizons, and new friends. It was a pleasure working with her, and we plan to have her back again.
— Jyna, Grand Central Library

SOULfire Workshops 2016 - 2017

Bootleg Theater SOLO QUEENS Fest
Los Angeles, CA


The Last Frontier Theatre Conference
Valdez, AK

The Last Frontier Theatre Conference Valdez, Alaska  
The Last Frontier Theatre Conference Valdez, Alaska 

Lucid Body House
New York, NY

Lucid Body House, NY, NY 

Kennedy Center Theatre Festival, Region 1

Kennedy Center Theatre Festival Region 1  
Kennedy Center Theatre Festival Region 1  


The connection I built with this one person in class and in such a short period of time felt stronger than some friendships I have. When we were finally finished my partner and I just looked at each other and tears begin to flow for both of us. The flood of emotions was overwhelming. I don’t know if I could imagine what my life might be like if I allowed myself to become vulnerable like that in theatre or in life... but I am now willing to try.
— Paige, former student
I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication for this Personal History Storytelling and Improvisation workshop you presented at Queens Village Library. It is my pleasure to work with you for the past two months and it has been very rewarding for me to plan and carry out this program alongside you. You are very patient with every participant and guide everyone through the process! I know each one of them got what they came here for because of you.
— Julia Hua, Queens Village Library
I just want to Iet you know I appreciate all that you taught us. I didn’t know I could do it but I guess it was still so real… my dad I’m sure is proud of me. He’s never left my thoughts. Thank you!
— Carol, former student
Thanks so much! I really appreciate your encouragement. You know, I always wanted to be a performer… Maybe I’ll start writing again. Thanks for all your direction. It was a great class!
— Lynn, former student
I think you are a master teacher with the most open and wonderful heart!
— Marien, former student
We are becoming a community, due to your joy and wonderful spirit. So glad you are in my world!
— Cari, former student
I still am feeling the warmth and excitement from your class and wanting to make contract in some way. I’ve gotten such wonderful feedback from my family, I was really surprised. Thank you Valerie. I will never forget you.
— Mary Ellen, former student
Thank you so much for your help. The class is fantastic!
— Jackie, former student


Share Your Story.
Transform Your Life.

Change the World. 

Free Your SOUL

There are many ways we can tell our story. It could be in the comfort of our home, a therapist’s office, a book, or at an open mic night somewhere in the city. 

As a performer, I believe that one of the most powerful venues for storytelling is in the theatre. I feel called to pave a path of connectedness through storytelling in this form.

In my solo show, Naked in Alaska, I tell the story of my experience as an exotic dancer in Tijuana, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Fairbanks, Alaska, through my own perspective as well as the perspectives of key characters I met along the way. This exploration has caused me to reflect not only on the people of my past, but on my own level of empathy and understanding towards them and myself during that time and now. In going back through my own life and exploring my personal triumphs and tragedies I am able to see others more clearly. I am able to have a different perspective. One that is less judgmental and more forgiving, more tolerant.

In choosing to be our own Hero and look to our past, our life, and our story as a tool for expansiveness and connectedness we are able to let go of the judgments, blame, or victimization that may be holding us back from the whole of who we truly are. And with each small step that we take towards reconciliation, acceptance, and celebration in our lives is a step towards reconciliation, acceptance, and celebration of others and of the world!

Thus we each become apart of changing the world—one story at a time.

To inquire about bringing a SOULfire Workshop to your business, institution, or program, please contact us and we will respond within 48 hours.

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