A woman finds herself trapped in an endless night, walking along a path that suddenly drops into a bottomless canyon. The only light she can see comes from far across the canyon. She realizes, the only way she will make it out is if she gets to that light. Thus begins her descent into the gap. The Gap explores the wounds we try most to hide and what waits for us in the dark when we finally summon the courage to change.


Performance History

  • Theatre Lab SoloLab Series (2016)

  • Queens Council of the Arts (Developmental Performance) (2016)

  • EST Last Call, Ensemble Studio Theatre (Developmental Performance) (2016)

  • Queens Lit Crawl (Developmental Performance) (2016)

  • Lucid Body House (Developmental Performance) (2016)


Creative Team

Performed and performed by Valerie Hager
Directed by and Developed with Scott Wesley Slavin



A spellbinding performance!”
— Queens Council of the Arts
Loved this. Awesome!”

— Audience member, Lisa Alonso Canellas
Valerie Hager blew us away with this performance piece. Still recovering from it. Just wow!”

— Queens Lit Crawl
So lucky to have witnessed this!!!”

— Performer, Olivia Nice